Latest trends in pastry

Últimas tendencias en bollería

Buns, croissants, brioches, muffins, ensaimadas, berlinas... the products that encompass the pastry sector are numerous and winning more followers every day. 

According to the latest data from la Asociación Española de la Industria de Panadería, Bollería y Pastelería (Asemac), pastry production in Spain reached a volume of 203,858 tons in 2022, representing a significant increase of 9% compared to production data from 2021.

From Llopartec, we present the latest trends in the pastry sector driven by consumer demand:

Healthier ingredients. Clients are looking for healthier pastry options, with natural ingredients, low sugar, and healthy fats. Products such as whole wheat pastries, low-calorie options, or gluten-free are being developed.

Variety in vegan alternatives. There is high demand for products without animal-origin ingredients.

Flavour innovation. There is a motivation for new culinary experiences, which produce an increase in pastry flavour diversity. From classic options like chocolate or vanilla to bolder combinations like lavender or ginger.

Artisanal pastry. There is a growing interest in fresh, high-quality products, this produces a resurgence of artisanal pastry. Local bakeries and pastry shops produce these products in a traditional way.

Sustainability. There is a rise in environmental awareness, thus increasing the demand for sustainably produced pastry, using local ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.

At Llopartec, we develop food solutions for the pastry sector, both fresh and frozen, including mixes for croissants, brioches, among others. We adapt to the latest market trends and, above all, to the priorities of our clients.