Semifreddos and mousses the refreshing alternative

mousse lemon

In these summer months, one of the undisputed kings of summer both in homes and in the hotel industry are semi-cold desserts. With more and more fans who have succumbed to its refreshing and delicious flavours of strawberry, chocolate, lemon, peach, pineapple, coffee, among others.

Semifreddos include all those pastry elaborations whose conservation is in temperatures of positive cold, between 4 and 10 ºC. They generally respond to mousses and semifreddos, interior crisp or fruit ingredients, as well as other ingredients for topping or decoration.

Coffee, chocolate, cheese, pineapple, custards, lemon, strawberry, and peach semifreddos are among the most requested. Mango, raspberry flavours and even yogurt semifreddo are beginning to raise special interest.

For the preparation of this type of growing summer sweet, in Llopartec we have a complete variety of preparations for mousses, semifreddos, and Bavaroise cakes, which give the cream the right flavour, consistency and texture. They can also be easily frozen and thawed. We also offer products for glazes and decorations.

At Llopartec we have expertise in pastry preparations with the main objective of being the reference supplier for all those customers in the food industry, who seek innovation, agility and continuous evolution of their products, and above all maximum customization.