Logistic release in Llopartec

Logística Llopartec

At Llopartec we ensure our clients' orders with the utmost care, and for this reason we continue to improve day by day.

We distribute our Bakery, Pastry and Frozen Dough products both nationally and internationally, with Spain being the main market. We also export to several countries such as Italy, Portugal, Greece, Bosnia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Turkey, UEA (Dubai), India and Panama.

Regarding land transport by road, we are pleased to collaborate with Transports Mitjans, to which we are very grateful.

This September we are making our debut with a trailer thanks to our transport partner, who exhaustively complies with the regulations, thus ensuring that the service conditions from when our products are collected until they arrive at their destinations are optimal.

At Llopartec we are delighted to be able to share our new advances with you. Thank you very much for your confidence.