Organic breads

Panes Orgánicos Llopartec

Bread is undoubtedly one of the main foods and is present daily in our diet. Its origin dates from the 20th century BC. of C. and since then, it has occupied a daily place at the table of a vast majority of the world's cultures. Generally, a large part of the bread is made with three basic foods, flour, water and salt.

At Llopartec we always try to go beyond by innovating and following the most current trends in the sectors in which we are specialized in Bakery, Pastry and Frozen Dough. In this way, currently we are aware of the importance of preserving the environment and providing products keeping all their natural properties, as well as the increasing importance of Spanish consumers when it comes to have a healthy diet. One of the main advantages that consumers value when following a balanced diet is that the body works in the best possible way. It also prevents us from suffering from diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Organic breads with different cereals, seeds and wholemeal flours are in the line of healthy foods products due to the multiple benefits they provide to the body. They are more digestive, have more vitamins and minerals, contain a low glycemic index, have a superior texture and taste. In addition, organic breads offer the consumer a positive feeling at the time of eating.

Llopartec develops mixes for organic breads, thus offering a complete variety in this category of bread, mixes for the preparation of bread rich in fibre, mixes of cereals, among others. We work under the premise of making it possible to make the best quality organic breads with greater added value, to improve the experience of our clients.