Italian Christmas achievement

Fluffy, sweet, delicious, and especially for Christmas time, are one of the main adjectives that qualify this typical Italian Christmas cake: panettone.

For several years now it has come to stay in our homes, and it is the protagonist of Christmas meals together with the favourite sweet in Spain such as the Roscón de Reyes, as well as turrones, marzipan, polvorones, neulas and chocolates that are so present at our tables on these dates.

There are multiple legends around the origin of the panettone, one of them explains how it originated in 1949 in the court of Ludovico El Moro, lord of Milan on the same night of Christmas Eve.

According to the legend, the head chef burned the dessert of the Christmas banquet and Toni, one of the kitchen helpers, decided to create a sweet with the dough he had reserved for his family's dinner.

The achievement was such that Ludovico named it “Pan de Toni”, in recognition of the inventor, which over time became a panettone.

To make the Italian brioche, you need flour, yeast, butter, eggs, sugar, salt, water, vanilla extract, honey, orange and lemon zest, as well as candied fruit and sultanas. There are also multiple versions such as dark chocolate chips, orange with chocolate, lemon with passion fruit, white chocolate and pistachios, among others.

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