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At Llopartec we ensure our clients' orders with the utmost care, and for this reason we continue to improve day by day.

We distribute our Bakery, Pastry and Frozen Dough products both nationally and internationally, with Spain being the main market. We also export to... Més


In these summer months, one of the undisputed kings of summer both in homes and in the hotel industry are semi-cold desserts. With more and more fans who have succumbed to its refreshing and delicious flavours of strawberry, chocolate, lemon, peach, pineapple, coffee, among... Més


In this month of June we celebrate the shortest night of the year, San Juan, summer parties, bonfires, dinners with family, friends, firecrackers, fireworks are the most characteristic elements, with the traditional and delicious coca of San Juan... Més


One of the most popular desserts in our catering industry, in bakeries... is currently the carrot cake, of Anglo-Saxon origin, this spicy but sweet cake with an attractive orange colour, which the carrots themselves give it, obtains... Més


Bread is undoubtedly one of the main foods and is present daily in our diet. Its origin dates from the 20th century BC. of C. and since then, it has occupied a daily place at the table of a vast majority of the world's cultures. Generally, a large part of the bread is made with... Més


In Llopartec we are celebrating our anniversary this year, dedicated almost a quarter of a century to the Bakery, Pastry and Frozen Dough sector. For this reason, in honour of our professional career, we want to share our most significant goals with our employees, clients and... Més


February is without doubt the month of love, of lovers, since Valentine’s Day is celebrated. Celebration that dates back to Roman times, in honor of Saint Valentine who married young soldiers clandestinely, and against the convictions of the emperor, putting love in the face of all over. 

... Més

We live in a society with an exponentially upward trend in personal care, health, sports and aesthetics are fundamental today. In this way, Llopartec, aware of this, joins this trend and contributes to creating healthy products for its customers.

One of them are high-fibre breads, with... Més