Breads with fibre

pa fibra fabricant

We live in a society with an exponentially upward trend in personal care, health, sports and aesthetics are fundamental today. In this way, Llopartec, aware of this, joins this trend and contributes to creating healthy products for its customers.

One of them are high-fibre breads, with the aim of increasing daily fibre intakes in diets, thus achieving multiple benefits. It is note that those that promote good health and intestinal transit, those that reduce cholesterol levels, control blood sugar levels, those that achieve a healthy weight, as well as those that increase the longevity of the consumer.

Llopartec is committed to innovation and the development of mixes for special breads, thus offering a complete variety in this category of bread, mixes for making bread rich in fibre, mixes for cereals, among others. Thus, we collaborate to make possible the preparation of breads with fibre of excellent qualities.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the Bakery sector in Llopartec we are one of the main manufacturers in the Spanish market, in bread improvers and mixes, providing our clients the most suitable solutions for each of their needs.