Red Velvet for a nice Valentine’s Day

red velvet

February is without doubt the month of love, of lovers, since Valentine’s Day is celebrated. Celebration that dates back to Roman times, in honor of Saint Valentine who married young soldiers clandestinely, and against the convictions of the emperor, putting love in the face of all over. 

Ideas in confectionary for this day there are thousands, from cookies, fried pastries, Red Velvet cakes, Brownies, millefeuille, tartlets, cupcakes, muffins and chocolates, all of them specially designed to celebrate the most romantic day of the year.

The star of the current confectionery world in sweet code, is the Red Velvet with that scarlet tint and chocolate flavour, so characteristic that it evokes to celebrate this day and indulge in a sweet whim.

In Llopartec we bet and believe in love, in this way we offer different mixes for the elaboration of these significant and sweet products. Mixes for cakes, muffins, brownies, cakes, as well as products for glaze or decoration based on cocoa.

Our high specialization in pastry mixes define us as leaders in the Confectionery segment at the national level and with very good prospects in other international markets, also thanks to our maximum customized.