Carrot cake, an irresistible trend

Carrot Cake

One of the most popular desserts in our catering industry, in bakeries... is currently the carrot cake, of Anglo-Saxon origin, this spicy but sweet cake with an attractive orange colour, which the carrots themselves give it, obtains followers in spectacular way.

Whether at breakfast, as a dessert at lunch or as a snack, this sweet option in all its variations cake, muffin, is ideal to enjoy with family or friends.

In the vast majority of traditional cake preparations it should be included eggs, sugar, vegetable oil, flour, yeast, carrots, and spices such as cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg, among others. Sometimes nuts, raisins, walnuts and fruits such as coconut are added. For the glaze it is made with cream cheese, butter and icing sugar, when the cake is cold.

In order to make this type of booming cake, in Llopartec we have a complete variety of preparations, both complete and concentrated (BLT CARROT range) designed for the preparation of pieces of muffins and cakes which provide juiciness, tender texture, good volume and an excellent flavour with spiced dashes.

At Llopartec we are specialists in Pastisserie mixes so much so, that we are defined as one of the leaders in the sector nationally, and with an excellent projection in the international market thanks to our high agility, innovation and customization in each of the solutions that we bring to our clients.